Environment Policy

Encouraging people to ride bikes is an easy thing for us to do. It’s also a very good thing: Cycling improves a person’s health and is a sustainable form of transportation. We feel good about that, and so should you. But we face the problem every manufacturer does. Specifically, byproducts from our factory can cause less than desirable effects on the environment. That's why we've instated company-wide policies that allow us to define ourselves not only by our commitment to cycling, but also by our commitment to the environment.

Our Aims:

REDUCE consumption of resources and energy

REUSE as much as possible

RECYCLE as much as we can

RETHINK our processes and production methods

While we hope you'll choose to ride a bike, in the end, it really doesn't matter what you're on. So long as you're not in a car. We ask that you ride with us, with your friends and by yourself. In so doing, you too can do your part to save this beautiful planet we call home.