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Buy Badminton Rackets Online at SportXS

Badminton is a recognized racquet sport known the most for the fun it brings along with a host of fitness benefits. A good badminton racket is extremely essential to be able to enjoy the sport. Badminton racquets are very light weight and a badminton racket of a good quality can weigh anything between 70 and 95 grams without the grips and strings. Badminton rackets come in a variety of designs but it’s size and shape however the size and shape are limited by the rules.

On the SportXS badminton store you shall find badminton rackets across all price ranges and different colors as well. Badminton rackets of mainly sizes 26 inch and 27 inch are available on the badminton store of SportXS. Good quality badminton rackets across well-known brands such as Yonex, Artnengo, etc. are available on this online sports store.